Letter: Gilded Cages

My dearest sub,
What is it about putting limits on someone’s happy place for the well-being of the whole that is so disheartening?

It is entirely different from discipline and bondage. Perhaps it’s that I was one of those wild at heart kept in a cage for far too long, that I cannot shoulder the weight of knowing I’m putting someone in a cage, no matter how gilded it is? I hate having to limit your expression of your most true self. It makes my heart so sad.

In a perfect world, things would be quite different! You would be wearing everything that makes you feel pretty on a constant basis. It would be red nails, heels, and such all the time. It would make my heart soar to see you smile the way you do in a pretty dress.

But for now, it is indeed the for the best that you do not, as you have said. Adult life requires discretion and consideration of all involved.Not everyone understands, and it is not the time because it risks lives.

I will, however, make this up to you in spades, love.





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