Letter: A different kind of love

My sweet sub,

We’ve evolved so much since we met. Much has come into the light. In short, the last few months almost broke us both–almost.

Other people’s interference  derailed our relationship.

Insecurities and bad habits threatened our trust in each other.

Impetuous decisions  rocked the boat until we were bailing for our lives.

Secrets threatened our trust and belief in each other.

But we didn’t break.

Instead, we are stronger and better for the trials. We know more about each other than most people do. Our bond has been tested in every way a relationship can in so short a stint. And still, we have a soul level connection because they have attached to each other.

We have a relationship unlike most others with our cycles of domination , gender fluidity, pursuit of each other…We balance each other and complete each other in a way I’ve never before seen. We have the potential to become the most powerful couple with the fullest lives that I’ve ever seen.

This that we have is more than infatuation or friendship, and certainly more than a simple D/s relationship. It is all these things plus a deep adoration and appreciation for each other. We may not know a lot, but we know we would die for each other.

And no matter what happens, “No matter what words I say…I will always love you.”






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